Full Menu


Italian Brisket – Slow Cooked in a Red Wine, Rosemary, and Tomato Sauce,
Topped with Marinated Peppers and Onions and Grated Parmesan

Italian Sausage – Delicious Sweet Italian Sausage, topped with Sauteed Marinated Peppers and Onions and your choice of Deli Mustard or Marinara

Chicken Parmesan – Home made Chicken Patty created from our original Chicken Parmesan Meatball Recipe, topped with Sharp Provolone, Grated Parmesan and Marinara


Mom’s Italian Meatball – Italian seasoned beef meatballs in homemade marinara

Black and Bleu – Beef meatballs  mixed with bleu cheese coated in blackened seasoning served with remoulade

Bacon Cheeseburger Balls – Beef meatballs mixed with bacon and cheddar cheese served with a Jalapeño Mayonnaise

Gyro – Lamb meatballs served with tzatziki sauce

Buffalo Chicken – Spicy chicken meatballs served with gorgonzola crumbles

Chicken Parmesan – Italian seasoned chicken meatballs coated in panko bread crumbs in homemade marinara

Chicken Marsala – Marsala soaked chicken ball in a marsala sauce with mushrooms and onions

Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls – Chicken meatballs mixed with ham and Swiss cheese served with a Lemon Dijon Sauce

Cuban Meatballs – Cuban seasoned pork meatballs mixed with ham, Swiss cheese, and dill pickle

Muffaletta Balls – Pork meatballs mixed with ham, Salami, olives, and Fontina cheese topped with an Olive Salad

Reuben Balls – Pork meatballs mixed with Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, sauerkraut, and Rye bread served with Thousand Island Dressing


Tuna – Tuna balls served in puttanesca sauce

Crab – Our version of a traditional crab cake served with remoulade


Southwestern – Slightly spicy blackbean and corn balls served with sour cream

Cannellini – Cannellini bean and red pepper balls served with romesco

Spinach Artichoke – Spinach and artichoke balls in a creamy alfredo sauce

Zucchini Smoked Mozzarella – Zucchini balls mixed with smoked mozzarella served with red pepper cream sauce

Mediterranean Eggplant – Eggplant balls flavored with roasted red peppers and served in homemade marinara

Ricotta Balls – Cheese balls topped with homemade marinara

Sauer-tot Balls – Potato/Sauerkraut balls served with a Dijon sauce


Macaroni and Cheese – Made with cheddar, asiago, mozzarella, and parmesan

Arancini – Italian rice balls served with homemade marinara

Tortellini Salad – Cheese tortellini, broccoli, black olives, cheddar cheese with a zesty Italian dressing

Mediterranean Pasta Salad – Bowtie pasta, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, calamata olives, onion, feta, with a lemon herb dressing

Caesar Salad – Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, and parmesan

Chopped Salad – greens, dried cranberries, bacon, candied walnuts, onion, gorgonzola, with a vinaigrette dressing