Barone Italian Grille is the vision of its founder and food service industry veteran, Stephen Dewey.

DSC_0011“I remember that pot of simmering marinara up on the stove top all day, and then watching my Italian mother and grandmother preparing the meal for that evening. The food I most looked forward to was their moist and  flavorful meatball. Throughout my years in the restaurant industry, I always came back to those Barone family meatballs. With Barone Meatball Company I was able to share them and my many other meatball creations with you.

Now with Barone Italian Grille I will be able to expand beyond meatballs.  We have many items we hope to add to the menu either as specials or permanently, but we will start with our delicious Italian Brisket, an Italian street food favorite in the Italian Sausage, and our reimagining of our Chicken Parmesan.

FB_IMG_1438291810049My wife, Kristen, has challenged me over the years to come up with new recipes.  As a vegetarian, she wanted more “meatless” meatball options, and this led me to develop many of the vegetable balls that have been featured on the truck.  Barone Italian Grille is still committed to always providing a meal option for our vegetarian patrons.  No longer a Vegetarian, thank you Bella, Kristen continues to inspire me to make new delicious meals for our family and now all of our amazing customers!

I began my culinary career in high school, working in a sandwich shop in Wilmington North Carolina. While at NC State, I worked at Cloos’ Coney Island. Upon graduation, I expanded my involvement at Cloos’ and became a manager full time. We built friendships with everyone that walked in the door and I bring that with me today.  At my last stop, Bella Monica Italian Restaurant, I served as Sous Chef, and learned the importance of details and consistency whether in the kitchen or on catering jobs.  Now over 10 years after starting this amazing food truck business, we bring to you Barone Italian Grille!”